Approval of The First-level Doctoral and Master Degree Program in Foreign Languages and Literature
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      The Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council has issued an official set of regulations on the New List of Approved Doctoral and Master Degree Program Granted in 2017, which announced a list of degree categories of the subject and profession approved by the committee at its 34th meeting. Foreign Languages and Literature of Jilin University is now included in the program which upgrades the available second-level discipline doctoral degree into first-level. At present, the College of Foreign Languages in Jilin University offers one second-level discipline doctoral degree program in Japanese language and literature and six second-level discipline master degree programs: English Language and Literature, Russian Language and Literature, Japanese Language and Literature, Spanish Language and Literature, Afro-Asia Language and Literature, Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics

      College of Foreign Languages of Jilin University has been authorized the first-level discipline doctoral degree program for Foreign Language and Literature. Under the guidance of development strategy in the new era of Jilin University, the new achievement has been scored by the foreign-language-learners of Jilin University through pursuing “Truth, Innovation, and Aspiration” and effectively advancing the connotation construction. The foreign-language-learners have been striving for the goal all through.The first-level discipline doctoral and master degree programs for Foreign Language and Literature will provide the new platform for the training of foreign language talents and a new crucial support for the rapid development of foreign language disciplines in Jilin University.

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