Recruitment Notice about Overseas Doctoral Graduates College of Foreign Language, Jilin University, 2018
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      In accordance withJilin UniversityMeasures for Implementation of Talents Recruitment Project andthe practical needs of College of Foreign Language, talents are wanted with PhD degree from renowned overseas universities in the fields of English language and literature, Japanese language and literature, Russian language and literature, AsianAfrican languages and literatures, Spanish language and literature or other related disciplines.

      I. Job description

      (1) Basic qualifications:

      Applicants should be:

      a. patriotic, virtuous, academically rigorous, and integrated.

      b. observant of Chinese constitution and laws.

      c. ethical, talented and physically fit.

      d. equipped with necessary professional knowledge and abilities.

      (2) Professional Requirements:

      1. Category A: Applicants should be under the age of 40, with a doctoral degree from a renowned overseas university and more than two years’ overseas working experience. Besides, applicants should have:

      a. an outstanding academic quality and a solid theoretical foundation of professional knowledge; achievements and contributions acknowledged by peer scholars in related fields.

      b. a convincing record of recent publications in domestically or internationally renowned journals; rich experience as a host or a participant in key scientific research programs; the ability to teach core courses in the applicants’ area of expertise.

      Note: Academic achievements in recent three years should reach the standard of an exceptional promotion announced by Jilin University.

      2. Category B: Applicants should be under the age of 35 with a PhD degree from a renowned overseas university. Those who have overseas working or researching experience are particularly welcome. Other relevant requirements are as follows:

      a. Evidence of excellent study style and solid theoretical knowledge as well as publications in your areas of expertise.

      b. Evidence of promising academic potentials and capability to teach undergraduates and to conduct researches in related areas.

      II. Salary and Benefits

      Dependent upon provisions of Jilin University

      III. Application Materials

      Applicants should submit the following materials:

      a. Curriculum Vitae (including publications in recent five years)

      b. Two recommendation letters from scholars in related areas

      c. Photocopies or PDF-form documents of the diploma, award certificates and other relevant certificates.(the time of submitting the original documents will be notified further)

      d. Application form of recruiting overseas faculty of Jilin University (in the attachment)

      Note: Submitted materialswill NOT be returned.

      IV. Application and Contact Details

      For applicants who meet the qualifications stated above, please submit relevant materials to the Office of General Affairs at College of Foreign Languages of Jilin University by September 30, 2018 or send the PDF-form documents of application materials to the following designated email address. The email and Curriculum Vitae should be named as ‘graduated university+major+educational background+name+position’. Details of the assessment will be notified after the qualification review.

      Contact: LIU Duoyi

      Tel: 86-0431-85166196

      Email Address:

      Address: #2699 Qianjin Avenue, Changchun, Jilin province, China

      Office for General Affairs, College of Foreign Languages


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