International Symposium “Exchange and Influence of Language and Culture”Held in Jilin University
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              International Symposium “Exchange and Influence of Language and Culture”: The Annual Conference of 2017 Northeast Asian International Language and Culture Base was held in Jilin University from September 9th, 2017 to 10th with a great success. The meeting was jointly sponsored by Northeast Asian International Language and Culture Base, Northeast Asian International Language and Culture Research Center of Jilin University and College of Foreign Languages of Jilin University. The co-sponsors were the Adviser Committee of Foreign Language Teaching in Higher Institutes, Ministry of Education, Japanese Teaching Research Association of China, Jilin Province Tumen River International Cooperation Institute, etc. Specialists from more than 20 universities in China, Japan, Korea and Russia were invited to the profound discussions of topics on communication and development of both language and culture. The interpreter group from College of Foreign Languages was responsible for the simultaneous interpretation during the whole session. 


             Prof. ZhouYifu, Dean of School of Foreign languages, hosted the opening ceremony. Professor Wu Zhenfu, associate president of Jilin University, addressed the opening speech. Prof. Zhang Meimei from Jilin University, Professor Zou Bofu from Fudan University, and Prof.Quan Helv presided over the following keynote speeches. Prof. Suzuki Zhenmi from International Japanese Culture Research Center, Prof. Igor Nagyrne from Belgorod state national research University in Russia, Prof. Qin Liming from Dalian University of Technology, Prof. Adachi Hiroaki from Tohoku University in Japan, Prof. Jinshengchumei from Seinan Gakuin University, chief researcher of Inchon University Nan Dongjie, as well as Prof. Su Jiugao from our college have given the keynote speeches respectively.


             The next day, representatives from universities nationwide had joint the academic communications together with the overseas scholars in 8 parallel sessions. Prof. Takehiko from Kansai University was invited to deliver a special speech. 


             The Annual Conference discussed exchange and influence of language and culture. This meeting followed the trend of the times and explored comprehensively the the hot issues and key points in northeast Asian languages and cultures under the new social background. The communication has deepen the research of language and culture in this area. Meanwhile, as the important bridge that connects Northeast Asian regions, the annual meeting also consolidated the political, economic and cultural establishment by strengthening the communication and resources sharing in the related fields, by making significant efforts to the enhancement of the cooperation in Northeast region. The meeting had not only advanced the establishment of the research in language and culture in our college, but also maximized the talent advantages of foreign languages in our university. It will also boost the academic explorations within the northeast regions and promote the international cooperation in this area.


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