The Establishment of Student Internship Base By Jilin University and China Foreign Language Publishing Administration in College of Foreign Languages
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      On May 8th, the Student Internship Base was co-established by JLU and China Foreign Language Publishing Administration (hereafter referred as CIPG) in College of Foreign Languages. The contract was signed and the corresponding inauguration ceremony was held on the same day at College of Foreign Languages. Li Yuanyuan, President of JLU, and Fang Zhenghui, Deputy Director of CIPG, presented the ceremony. Wu Zhenwu, Vice President of JLU, and Fang Zhenghui signed their names on the contract respectively on behalf of the JLU and CIPG. At the same time, 5 versions (in English, Japanese, Russian, Korean and Spanish) of Xi Jinping, the Governance of China, were given to JLU as a present. Professor Zhou Yifu presided over the whole ceremony.


      In accordance with the contract, the yearly internship will be provided for the students so that they can be dispatched to CIPG to do some field translation and interpretating consistent with the actual situation of position demand. In the meantime, the relevant senior management and technical staff will be invited as part-time tutors to get participated in the foreign language teaching and researches as well as professional training in JLU. The establishment of this internship base further promotes training of practical skills in teaching, which is conducive to the enhancement of quality education and is of great help to students' practice and innovation ability.


      President Li Yuanyuan extended his warm welcome in his speech to delegations from CIPG and expressed sincere congratulations on the establishment of internship base. Meanwhile, a full recognition to the co-sponsored program, which initiates a new cooperative pattern between JLU and CIPG, was made as well. According to him, disciplines related to foreign languages and literature should be highlighted in the program of establishing “Double-Top” university, and thus, more international teachers should be invited to improve foreign language education in JLU and by relying on the complementary advantages of CIPG, JLU and the College of Foreign Languages would be able to keep pace with the actual demand of the social situation. In addition, further improving the practical ability, professional skills and employment level are also necessary for the “promotion of China Image”. Mr. Fang said that he always held great respect to JLU and been a good and loyal partner. While serving in central media and relevant public or commercial institutes, he cooperates with JLU graduates, who are brilliant and competent. This trip has furthered his understanding and love of Jilin University, esp. after visiting the museum of university. He also mentioned that it was his great honor to cooperate with JLU. After the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, President Xi Jiping frequently emphasizes that a discourse system bridging China and the world should be set up to tell a Chinese story. Thus, language education and personnel training play a vitally important role. Quick success and instant benefit are not needed here. Instead, more time and energy should be spent on humanity education. Mr. Fang insists CIPG hereby promises to follow this agreement and cooperates closely with JLU in as many fields as possible to fulfill the requirements of national soft power development.


      Present in signing and inauguration ceremony were the related superintends from Office of the University President, Office of Teaching Affairs, Graduate Institute, Social Science Department and Guidance and Service Center for Student Employment and Entrepreneurship. Faculty and students from College of Foreign Languages also attended the event.







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